「2018年 ICO International Advanced Exam 」 報名,即日起~8/8截止。

1. 考試日期及地點:2018年10月17日(星期三) ;考試地點、時間,學會將以Email通知


2. 報考資格:報考者須先通過第一階段的 ICO Basic Science and Clinical Science


3. 報名日期: 即日起~2018年88日(下週三) 截止

    ※ 若無法於截止日前完成報名之考生,請事先 mail 通知 ICO 。

         Email: assess@icoph.org 或 mreilly@icoph.org

4. 報名/繳費方式:

     ► 詳細報名及考試相關訊息,請見附件一《2018 ICO Advanced Exam》,或至 ICO

          網站-Applications and Fees / Application Form

     ► 報名費: 

A. 個人報名:每人650 CHF+ 12 CHF( Third Party手續費) 。

B. 團體報名(2人(含)以上):每人 420 CHF (團報者,報名費須統一繳納)。

C. 繳費方式:一律以匯款線上刷卡方式繳交,匯款帳號及注意事項,請參見附

     件二《2018 ICO Advanced Exam-Bank Details 》;線上刷卡繳費,請至 ICO

     網站-Pay Online 辦理。

5. 報名費補助及合格獎勵:本學會將補助報名費每人新台幣5,000元;考試及格者,再提

    供獎勵金每人新台幣10,000 元,詳請見學會官網→最新消息→「眼科醫學會國際考試

     (ICO/OKAP)報名費補助及合格獎勵金 申請辦法

6. Suggested Reading List及Syllabus Booklet等可至http://www.icoph.org/下載。


    如有其他問題,請聯絡ICO Exam Office-Email:assess@icoph.org


    敬請 踴躍報名參加並預祝金榜題名!

轉知 第120屆韓國眼科醫學會年會及論文投稿相關訊息。

Greetings from the Secretariat of the 120 th Annual Meeting of the Korean Ophthalmological Society Organizing Committee.

We have been holding the Annual Meeting of The Korean Ophthalmological Society twice per year and the 120th congress will be held in Seoul, Korea on November 2 to 4, 2018, COEX, Seoul.

We, the Secretariat of the 120 th Annual Meeting of the Korean Ophthalmological Society Organizing Committee, are convinced that this meeting will provide participants with unique experiences such as cultural encounters with Korean tradition and history, as well as an opportunity to exchange the latest scientific knowledge among esteemed eye doctors and researchers from all over the world.

For your convenience, we plan to provide approximately US $1000 travel grants per participant, with a total of up to 5 doctors from each country. Travel grants will be given to ophthalmologists whose presentation (oral and/or poster) has been accepted by the scientific program committee of the 120th Annual Meeting of the Korean Ophthalmological Society. Each successful applicant will enjoy a refund of registration fees as well. Interested ophthalmologists are invited to register their abstracts on the Abstract submission website (www.koscongress.org/) and send their personal information according to the format below to kos@ophthalmology.org by August 21th, 2018.








We do hope young ophthalmologists from many countries would make friends and have fruitful scientific discussion which we believe is important for the Ophthalmology in future.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Seoul.


大會網站 ► http://www.koscongress.org/

如有其他問題,請聯絡 KOS大會秘書處 Email:kos@ophthalmology.org



【台灣眼科醫學會雜誌Taiwan Journal of Ophthalmology Vol.8 Issue 2- New issue online】



主旨:一、「TJO 2018年6月號已於2018年6月4號於線上出刊

          二、「TJO於2018年5月8日正式被收錄於Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

          三、「TJO於2018年5月31日正式被收錄於Ovid Medline OA專區



一、TJO 2018年6月號已於2018年6月4號於線上出刊,歡迎各會員/準會員至期刊官方網站(http://www.e-tjo.org/)瀏覽點閱。

二、TJO 已於2018年5月8日正式被收錄於Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ),,歡迎各位會員多多上網、瀏覽。

三、TJO於2018年5月31日正式被收錄於Ovid Medline OA專區(https://ovidsp.ovid.com/) ,結合Wolters Kluwer旗下出版品與資料庫資源,讀者在搜尋文章時,資料庫右方的OA 專區,會帶出TJO相關的文章,提升文章曝光度。





眼科醫學會 秘書處 敬上



WOC subspecialty day 課程線上收看,歡迎多加使用。

轉知 Alcon及諾華公司,提供的今(107)年WOC線上TV學習資訊平台,讓醫師們能透過多元管道學習專業資訊。

Dear Health Care Professional,

Alcon and Novartis Ophthalmology are committed to providing medical education and the latest scientific information to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). As part of this commitment, Alcon and Novartis Ophthalmology are pleased to support virtual access to the Subspecialty Day sessions from the World Ophthalmology Congress® which is taking place from 16th–19th June 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The World Ophthalmology Congress® Subspecialty Day on 16th June 2018 will be available for virtual attendance (within 72 hours after the Subspecialty Day has occurred), via the online platform VivindaTV.

Information on the 2018 World Ophthalmology Congress® can be found at:


Registrations open from 18th May 2018 on www.vivindatv.com

Registrations will remain open until 19th June 2018 and HCPs will not be able to register after this date.

For all HCPs who have registered on or before this date, the sessions will remain available to view for a period of 6 months after the congress, depending on your country’s regulations.*

Should you require any further information prior to registering, please feel free to reach out to your local Alcon or Novartis contact.

*VivindaTV is brought to you by Novartis and it is intended for healthcare professionals outside of US, Norway, Sweden and South Korea

WOC® and World Ophthalmology Congress® are registered trademarks of the International Council of Ophthalmology. Used with permission. VivindaTV is not a WOC sponsored product, event or publication. The mention of any company, product, service, or therapy does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by WOC or the International Council of Ophthalmology.

更多相關訊息,請見下列 "附件下載" 之附件1-「Watch Out Notice」,謝謝。

如有任何疑問,請聯繫 Ms. Abby Chiang (abby.chiang@alcon. com)。


轉知 APAO International Fellowship Program 申請訊息

Dear all members,

We would like to inform you that The APAO IFP 2018-19 is now open for application until June 30, 2018.

Launched in 2014, the APAO International Fellowship Program (APAO IFP) enables selected young ophthalmologists in the Asia-Pacific region to further their education at 1 of 14 internationally renowned training centers around the world. The program offers up to 5 fellowships per year in any subspecialty area, which can last for 3 or 12 months. The program aims to:  

  • Help promising young ophthalmologists from the region, especially those from developing nations, to improve their clinical skills, surgical exposure, research experience, and to broaden their perspectives of ophthalmology.
  • Help fellows bring their acquired knowledge and skills back to their native countries and participate in blindness prevention programs whenever appropriate.
  • Spread education and professionalism to all parts of the world and promote international collaboration between institutions dedicated to eye care.

Fellows should fulfil the following criteria:

  • From an APAO member nation;
  • Have completed basic residency training in ophthalmology; advantages will be given to those having completed a subspecialty training program;
  • Published at least one original scientific article in an indexed peer-reviewed journal;
  • Fulfil the special requirements of respective APAO International Training Centers;
  • Preferably younger than age 40.

Candidates who are successfully placed in an APAO training center will be provided with up to US$1000 for airfare and an allowance of US$200 per month.

We encourage delegates to submit your applications online at http://fellowship.apaophth.org/ and then provide the Central Secretariat (ifp@apaophth.org) the basic information of the nominee such as CVs, certificates, testimonials, reference letters and a published article.

Please note that the closing date for nomination is June 30,2018

Should you have any queries, please contact Ms Sarah Lu at ifp@apaophth.org. Thank you.  

【台灣眼科醫學會雜誌Taiwan Journal of Ophthalmology Vol.8 Issue 1- New issue online】



主旨:一、「TJO 20183月號已於2018326號於線上出刊

           二、「TJO 已於2017年正式被收錄於 PubMed Central



一、TJO 20183月號已於2018326於線上出刊,歡迎各會員/準會員至期刊官方網站(http://www.e-tjo.org/)瀏覽點閱。

二、TJO 已於2017年10 月11日正式被收錄於PubMed Central, 自2015年起由TJO出刊的文章皆可以於 PubMed搜尋得到,歡迎各位會員多多上網、瀏覽:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/3249/




眼科醫學會 秘書處 敬上


Academy's ONE® Network Access

The AAO ONE Network is a comprehensive, online educational resource that brings together the most clinically relevant content, news and tools from a variety of trusted sources.

Please click on the following link for more inforamtion: https://aao.box.com/s/1oo9sxnw0vjn2t1erktysfomqbl65q2l

As a member of the Ophthalmological Society of Taiwan, now you have free access to the Academy's Ophthalmic News & Education (ONE®) Network.

Gain access to ONE Network

  • Contact Vicki Liu at tos@oph.org.tw to request access

  • Wait for email from licensesales@aao.org with subject “AAO Access Instructions” to get your Access Key and follow these steps

  1. Visit www.aao.org/accesskeys

  2. Copy, paste and submit your Access Key

  3. Click “Create an Account” or Log In with your AAO account

  4. Click ONE Network image

Returning to the ONE Network

  • Log in with your AAO account

  • Click ONE Network image

Kindly find the attached file "AAO One Network Instruction" for your reference.

If you experience difficulties, please contact Vicki Liu at <tos@oph.org.tw>.

轉知 ICO來函:有關煙火造成眼部傷害之訊息與問卷調查。

International Council of Ophthalmology | ICO Notes

Firework-related Eye Injuries Study Questionnaire                

January 2018

Dear ICO Society Members,

The ICO is pleased to send our Member societies a very important study questionnaire that is especially relevant following New Year festivities. The Firework-related Eye Injuries Study was initially instigated by the Netherlands Ophthalmological Society and is now available online for all to participate.

In all countries, eye injuries are a recurrent problem every New Year. In Europe, the banning of consumer fireworks is not only a national concern, but affects all of the European Union due to free trading. As such, the Netherlands Ophthalmological Society is proposing a ban on commercial fireworks in Europe. In an effort to do this, data is being collected within Europe and around the world to provide a worldwide perspective on firework-related eye injuries by capturing as many results as possible. The final data will be shared with all participating countries through the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE).

We are asking you to send this questionnaire (https://www.congresdienst.nl/vuurwerk/INT/2017.php) to your members to complete if they have seen patients with injuries related to fireworks. The form is available until January 31, 2018. You may also want to reference the ICO position paper endorsing a global ban on consumer fireworks, which we hope has been a good advocacy tool for you.

Dr. Jan Tjeerd de Faber, SOE President, is very appreciative of your help to put this necessary data on the desk of all EU governments. We both thank you for sending the Firework-related Eye Injuries Study to your society members as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Professor Hugh Taylor, AC, MD
President, International Council of Ophthalmology